Automatic transmission vs. manual transmission (1)

Car sellers nowadays usually recommend AT for novice drivers instead of MT. Does it mean that AT is a better choice compared with MT?

Advantages of choosing Automatic Transmission:

  • relieves the driver from changing gears

Disadvantages of choosing Automatic Transmission:

  • less influence

  • more expensive to buy

  • less choice of used vehicles

  • higher fuel consumption

  • more maintenance-intensive and more prone to defects

If looking at the Pros and Cons of listed above, the AT mode gets genuinely no competence in the race. But there are more about AT that you should know before rushing to the conclusion

Why automatic transmissions offer some advantages, especially for beginners?

Although automatic transmissions have become better over time and many conventional problems, such as slow and jerky gear changes, have long been a thing of the past, even in the current registration statistics, the proportion of automatic vehicles is less than 20 percent. So why is the sales data failed to keep up with the rising number of new drivers?

First of all, driving with automatic is often easier and more intuitive, especially for beginners. New drivers are often overwhelmed with the simultaneous operation of the gearshift and the concentration on traffic. If the constant work with clutch and gear lever ceases, it is much easier to keep an eye on the traffic first, especially since you do not have to constantly ask yourself which gear is the most suitable.

Even the feared stalling of the engine is not possible with an automatic transmission. Automatic vehicles start automatically as soon as the driver takes his foot off the brake pedal. 

In hectic situations, in which the engine can stall quickly and then the stress factor is increased even further, automatic transmissions bring significant relief to the novice driver.

This applies in particular to the start-up on the mountain, which is feared by many learner drivers. While you have to work with a manual brake, clutch and accelerator pedal at the same time and show a lot of sensitivity, starting on the mountain with an automatic vehicle is a matter of course. 

If the foot is released from the brake, the vehicle becomes as if Ghost hand held on the slope and does not roll back an inch. As soon as the gas is activated, the car starts driving without any problems. Starting on the mountain is therefore not a bit more difficult than on the plain.

The automatic system is always pleasant when you get stuck in a traffic jam. The constant stop-and-go gets on the feet and on the nerves of a switch car over time, the automatic driver, on the other hand, can remain quite casual.

We will further analyse the reasons why AT has a relatively smaller market share while owning all these advantages.

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